Friday, 2 November 2012

Help!!! Am Still A Virgin At 23

Hello Readers,

I Dont know how to start this but it's true, my problem started 6years ago when i was still a Teenager. I had met this girl whose name was Jennifer at my form one (ss1)and we had had a very nice time together but the problem then was that she never approved of sex. At first i had thought it was only natural as she was only 17 by then but i was wrong. She never changed her view of sex even when she clocked 20 and i respected and loved her so much to the extent i couldn't do any thing to hurt her and i also saw reasons with her then because i held the opinion that sex before marriage among teens was wrong and uncalled for. Aside that i felt that if i Were Intimate with a girl i will dislike her immeadiately after the act, but now i dont know if i should be grateful to her for letting me hold such view about sex Because she broke up with me and since then i have not been able to pick my self from the ground and forge ahead. I realy need advice from you guyz. My problem is that i have not been able to look at any other girls face since we broke up (January 2010) and I heard from a friend that she is dating an old friend of hers now. and am still a virgin.

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