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D'prince releases 3singles off his debut album +video for take banana

The prince of effizy just launched his own WEBSITE, released three singles off his debut album and also released the video for Take Banana (Remix). The album is titled Frenzy and the three singles he released are - GoodybagsCall police, and RealG and you can find them HERE.

Popular Ghana Actor, Eddy Nartey Stabbed By His Nigerian Girlfriend

It has been reliably gathered that Ghanaian actor Eddy Nartey has being allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend at his residence in Accra.

According to a close source Eddy Nartey who was present with the said girlfriend at the premiere of the his new movie “Testing the Waters” at Silver bird cinema on Friday October 27, 2012, had some misunderstanding with his lover during the premiere so as a result they both left the cinema to separate homes.

The source said that apparently actor Eddy allegedly went home with another lady to spend the night with her however his girlfriend somehow had information that Eddy was cheating on her with another woman. His girlfriend who is said to be a Nigerian lady, based the hint went to Eddy’s house unannounced in the wee hours of Sunday at about 4am.

The source said that Eddy’s girlfriend on reaching the house did not knock or call Eddy but she rather went through a window made of glass louver blades. She broke the entire louver blades and entered the room and truly caught Eddy red-handed with another woman warming his bed.

A source present on the scene said that Eddy’s girlfriend out of anger destroyed almost every item in the room including a 42 inches Television set, Home Theater, tore almost all the cloths in Eddy’s closet, bed sheets, shoes and virtually everything she laid her hands on.

The betrayed lover of the actor then picked up a piece of the glass louver blades and stabbed actor Eddy Nartey with it and he bled profusely until he was rushed to the hospital. The case has since been sent to the Mamprobi Police station where his Nigerian girlfriend was held in custody and Eddy who was in a critical condition has been hospitalized.

"It's Stupid For Anyone To Say I'm Gay As A Church Leader"—Nollywood Actor, Arinze Okonkwo

In a society like Nigeria that frowns at homosexuality, it is very uncommon to see those linked to such act to openly admit being one. One cannot forget in a hurry how controversial artiste Charly Boy frowned at being called a gay by a national daily, which led to a one-billion Naira lawsuit against the newspaper that published such story about him.

Even with the fact that Charly Boy is a media frenzy person, he raised an eyebrow over that type of 'publicity stunt' which he felt was damaging to his image and person.

Some months ago, it was reported that Nollywood actor, Arinze Okonkwo may have allegedly be connected with such act and was insinuated that he was not a straight person in terms of his sexuality. He was reported to have left an event hall when Paul Obazele requested that any person practising homosexual should leave the hall before being disgraced.

As reported, Arinze walked out of the hall which raised questions about his sexuality.

At an event held in Lagos recently, sought his view about the rumour surrounding his sexuality. He was furious and was quick to ask if those saying he was gay do not know that he is married and also recently had a child?

"They don’t know I’m married? That I just had a baby? I am not [a gay]. It is stupid for anybody to think that [I am gay]. Haha, I dated so many girls and I am now a married man, don’t even think about it. If that was your first question, I won’t even answer you. I do not entertain nonsense from anybody.

"I am a child of God. I am a praise leader in my church. The person saying that does not know me and when people don’t know you, that is when they talk rubbish. I don’t care what anybody says about me. I am standing straight and I know God is my witness," Arinze told

See What Nigerians Are Passing Through In Malaysia

Dear BGB readers

i just want to gist u abt naija pple and 9ja embassy in Malaysia. 9JA pple are maltreated in Malaysia by d immigrations.they will burst naija living their and cart away with their valuable properties. even they kill them and claimed that they attacked them .which is a a big lies and our embassy will just fold their hand without react to it.

Nigeria Embassy in Malaysia does not recognized their pple talkless of render assistant. the illegal immigrant are many jail and 9ja has nothing to do or say abt it.they abandon them to suffer because they dont have ticket to take them back to naija.and any crime committed by any Africa they will believed it committed by Nigeria.our High commission have no mercy for us at all.

Chelsea's race case against Mark Clattenburg is in danger of collapsing after it emerged that the club have employed independent lawyers to investigate the claims of their players.

The club are expected to conclude their internal investigation into allegations that the referee racially abused John Mikel Obi and called Juan Mata a ‘Spanish t***’.

The external lawyers will then provide Chelsea with legal opinion as to whether their case will be successful. Despite issues over the available evidence, Chelsea remained robust.

Clattenburg, who has been taken off the Premier League match list this weekend, has protested his innocence since his controversial handling of Chelsea’s 3-2 defeat by Manchester United on Sunday.

Now it has emerged that Chelsea are fearful of the backlash if the players have misheard or misjudged Clattenburg’s conversations during the stormy clash against United.

Chelsea will proceed with the case against the referee only if they are satisfied the claims made by the players after the game will stand up to the FA’s burden of proof. 

It means they will need to satisfy an FA commission ‘on the balance of probability’, but they also have to negotiate the complexities of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into the affair.

If the case breaks down, it will reflect badly on Chelsea, who made their claims of inappropriate language against Clattenburg in a strongly worded statement on Sunday, two hours after the final whistle. 

Now it has emerged that Chelsea are fearful of the backlash if the players have misheard or misjudged Clattenburg’s conversations during the stormy clash against United.

Chelsea will proceed with the case against the referee only if they are satisfied the claims made by the players after the game will stand up to the FA’s burden of proof. 

It means they will need to satisfy an FA commission ‘on the balance of probability’, but they also have to negotiate the complexities of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into the affair.

If the case breaks down, it will reflect badly on Chelsea, who made their claims of inappropriate language against Clattenburg in a strongly worded statement on Sunday, two hours after the final whistle

Paternity mess update: lover kicks Bisi Ibidapo Obe out of duplex, retrieves Range Rover

Culled this story from this week's edition of Encomium Magazine. All these drama. Read it below...
It is surely not the best of times for star actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe. The actress who is wallowing in deep mess over her controversial pregnancy, has relocated to Ghana where she's said to be hibernating pending delivery of her baby. 
According to an industry source, the actress decided to move out of Nigeria some days back after her UK based lover, Lopez, who is said to be footing the bill of her Magodo Lagos duplex, breezed into the country and kicked her out of the house. He was said to have taken the decision after it became obvious that he was not responsible for Bisi's pregnancy. Lopez returned to the UK after locking the house and withdrawing the Range Rover he bought for her, leaving behind her C-Class Mercedes Benz and Honda Element she acquired a while back. (Though a close friend of the actress denied the house was locked by Lopez but confirmed Bisi went to Ghana)

Half of single women confess to having sex with former partners while looking for love

Almost half of single women have regularly had sex with an ex boyfriend while looking for a new lover, a new survey has revealed.

The poll of 1,000 men and women found that the majority of girls who resort to sex with the ex do so because they'miss physical intimacy.'
A further 31 percent admitted it was because they hoped to reignite a relationship with a former flame.
An additional 43 percent of women also admitted to regularly sleeping with an ex while on the lookout for a new partner. An even higher 47 percent of men confessed to doing the same.
And they aren't alone. A-listers Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher famously reunited after their divorce before going their separate ways again, as did Cheryl Cole and her former husband, Chelsea footballer, Ashley
Dating site which conducted the research said that the top five reasons for getting back into bed with an ex-partner also included having too much to drink, flirting on Facebook and other social media sites, and bumping into each other on a night out.
One of the women polled, Nikki Howarth, 26, said she had slept with previous boyfriends while she was single - but warned that it can lead to more heartbreak.
She said: 'It’s something most girls have done. They say, ‘never go back’ but it can be difficult when you have been very close to a guy and you are struggling to find someone new.
'I have sometimes regretted doing it in the past – particularly when I have been keener on the guy than he was on me.
'Sleeping with them again just leads to more heartache – because there is no chance of the relationship working out in the long-term and you are just left to reflect on what you have lost.'
Nikki, who is currently dating a wealthy American businessman, said revisiting past relationships can work if both partners want the same thing.
'If no one is getting hurt on either side, I don’t see what is wrong with ‘sex with the ex’,' she said.
'It can be a lot of fun - who doesn’t want a bit of physical intimacy when they have been single for a while.
'You often go to the same pubs and clubs as your ex because that is where you met in the first place.
'If you part amicably there is no reason why you shouldn’t both end up going to the same places again. That’s when can end up in bed again after a night out – the beer goggles have a lot to do with it!

‘Our Baby is The Devil’ -Parents Whose Child Breathes Fire

Black magic and evil spirits have captured the soul of a new-born baby in Colombia who can apparently already walk by himself and produce fire, his own mother has claimed.

Ana Feria Santos gave birth to her son last month but says her joy quickly turned to fear when she noticed that he had ‘several abnormalities’ – leading to fears in her community that he is the ‘devil in disguise’.

She says the boy can already stand up and walk – quite a feat for a child of just four weeks.

Much like the 1976 horror film The Omen, the mother-of-five says he frequently hides around the house, cackles in an ‘adult’ way for hours on end and has an ‘intimidating’ pair of eyes.

She told the RCN Radio station: ‘He walks like an adult, sometimes going off and hiding underneath the bed, in a suitcase, in the washing machine or in the fridge.’

Her neighbours in the town of Lorica, near the Caribbean coast, also say he is possessed by a ‘malign spirit’ and that he is capable of producing fire.

This, they say, is because burn marks have been found on his clothes and a sofa where he regularly sits.

It has led to vigilante attacks on Santos and her taxi-driver husband Óscar Palencia López’s house, which is allegedly being pelted with stones on a nightly-basis by frightened residents.

But the 28-year-old’s story has not been believed by doctors, who have now launched an investigation into the possibility that the new-born could have been abused.

The Colombian Family Welfare Institute, the National Police and the Catholic Church have also all refused to assert the claims that black magic is involved.

A team of psychologists, a social worker, a nutritionist and a lawyer will now look into the case, with a source saying: ‘The child shows signs of abuse.

‘Two small burns were found on the palm of the left hand and for that reason a restoration measure was adopted to [safeguard] the family environment.

‘The parents received a warning while the facts are being clarified.’

Source: Dailymail

Woman Raped Twice In One Night By Two Different Men

A woman who was dragged into an alleyway and raped after a night out was subjected to a second horrifying ordeal by another man as she lay recovering from the attack.

Mustafa Yussuf was the first to prey on the woman as she walked through Manchester city centre on New year’s Eve, marching her into Church Street car park and raping her in a nearby lane.

After the assault the then 20-year-old fled the scene, leaving the woman helpless.

It was then that, instead of assisting her, another man pounced on the woman and raped her.

The distressing details of the double rape emerged as Yussuf, now 21, from Manchester, was jailed for seven years for the attack.

He claimed to have had a consensual encounter with the woman but denied rape.
But a jury at Manchester Crown Court trial rejected his account and found him guilty.

Judge Martin Steiger QC, sentencing, said he ‘hadn’t the slightest doubt’ that Yussuf was ‘perfectly aware’ the woman was too drunk to consent to any activity.

The court heard that the ‘mature’ woman had drunk to excess because of relationship problems, with CCTV showing she was unable to stand.

She was refused re-entry to the nightclub when she asked to be allowed in to search for her lost handbag.

In the aftermath of the double-rape attack she needed strangers’ help to get home and she was unable to remember what had happened to her for two hours.

Zoe Nield, defending, said: ‘This offence does appear to be an isolated incident – it was out of character for this defendant.’

The victim told court that her life had been shattered by the attack and had been isolated by a fear of going out.

Judge Steiger said: ‘At some point in the course of her ordeal she was raped by another individual.

‘There was never any charge laid against this defendant [Yussuf] for being party to that incident, which the complainant found in many ways the most traumatic feature of her ordeal.’

Another man was arrested for the second rape but released without charge

PHOTOS:Man Served Jungle Justice For Stealing Ram During Sallah Celebration

A man was served with Jungle Justice after stealing ram during the Sallah celebrations.

We all know it is wrong to steal another man's property, be it a pen or ram, but the question still remains, is this the right way to deal with such issues?

Some people have said this is the best way to deal it as people don't seem to learn from past events e.g ALUU Boys, and still prefer to take the risk of stealing and damning the consequences.

View  more pictures below and share your take on this.

Gov.Ajimobi Sues PM News, For N1Billion Over Report On Wife Being Arrested

The Oyo State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, has sued the Independent Communications Network Limited, publishers of PM News for the sum of N1 billion.

This was disclosed in a release issued by Festus Adedayo, the governor’s Special Adviser on Media.

The evening newspaper had this afternoon published a piece entitled ‘Anxiety over Florence Ajimobi’s alleged arrest in UK’ , wherein it published a story purportedly written by an online agency named Newsleak, which alleged that the wife of the governor had been arrested in London for money laundering.

According to the release, the government of Oyo State had the responsibility to ensure that the media does not become an instrument in the hands of blackmailers for such acts.

“We want to state unequivocally that this report is not only wicked, it is the figment of the imagination of the writers. Mrs. Ajimobi was never arrested for any offence whatsoever. Even though our investigations have shown that this is the work of some arrowheads of the opposition, it was done in such an amateurish way that beats the imagination of any responsible reader,” the release said.

The government said that though it had a lot of respect for the media, there was the need to drag the runners of these media to court to explain the details of their reports to the rest of the world.

The government decried what it called dirty politicking by the opposition in the state who use the media for the propagation of their falsehood, stating that the courts would be able to compel those behind this wicked lie to provide details of the veracity or otherwise of their claims on the governor’s wife.


Venus Williams Arrives In Lagos (PHOTOS)

Venus Williams has arrived Lagos, Nigeria aboard Turkish Airline and was received at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

Her sister is expected to arrive aboard Arik Air at 9pm today too.

The sisters will be lodged at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos Island.

Tommorrow Wednesday, Serena and Venus are expected to pay a courtesy visit to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola at the State House in Marina, with a media parley and a tennis clinic to hold at the Tennis Section of Ikoyi Club.

Then on Thursday, the tennis legends will pay a visit to the Government College, Osborne Road, Ikoyi and a red carpet Gala slated for the Federal Palace Hotel in the evening.

Another exhibition match at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan is scheduled for Friday before their departure that day.

Hope they enjoy Nigeria and we enjoy having them around too.

Allison Attah, wife of former Akwa Ibom governor, is dead

The wife of the former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Allison Attah has died.

Mrs Attah, originally from Barbados, died in a Lagos hospital at about 3:30 p.m. on Monday after she lost a six-year long battle to a terminal kidney condition that left her depending on regular dialysis

Tonto Dikeh Finally Reveals The Man In her Life

I’m a grown woman I’m not young anymore, so definitely I have someone in my life that I love…that I love to death, i love him, i love him, he makes me happy, he makes me laugh. He’s making me blush, but I can’t talk about him, that’s all  I can say. -Tonto Dikeh

I Cheated On My Husband, I Feel Guilty; Can I Confess To Him?

Hello BGB Readers,

I had a problem with my husband about 2 months before our wedding, he suspected and accused me of having an affairs he later found was not true and this was after we have dated for 5 years. That broke my heart because i was a very decent girl and infact he disvirgined me after 4 years into our courtship after i had graduated from UI. He did apologise though and even though i tried to stop the wedding he begged me and made the whole world beg me i was no longer interested but it was too late. When we got married i realised i never enjoyed sex it is always pain and i tried to see if something was wrong with me, i tried to forgive him and free my mind and yet i still never enjoyed it. One day i listened to a voice mail a girl left for him of how much she enjoyed him and how he should not because of marriage forget her as he was too sweet on the bed, this broke my heart because i trusted him and now i realised its not as if he doesnt know how to make love it was my problem. Though i regret it now and feel quilty, i slept with an ex who never slept with me as a single girl and i must confess i enjoyed it, now i can't say what my problem is, i never did it after then and i still don't enjoy sex with my husband. I feel so guilty and i wish i could confess to him and ask for his forgiveness. Is it wise to do this and please if you have ever had like problem what can i do to enjoy sex with my husband. Please, this is a marital and serious and real issue will appreciate genuine and helpful advise.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Two Men Jailed For Almost Killing Each Other Over A Girlfriend

The police on Monday [Oct. 29] arraigned two men, Richard Maza, 28, and Ndukwe Okezuo, 24, before an Abuja Area Court for allegedly disturbing public peace and causing grievous hurt over the ownership of a lady’s heart.

 Maza, of Anguwan Rogo Village, Abuja, and Okezuo, a labourer, at Galadimawa village, Abuja, allegedly committed the offence on Oct. 23.

Police prosecutor Clement Egwu told the court that the accused engaged in a fight in the house of Mercy Asuo of Anguwan Rogo, Abuja.

Egwu said Maza claimed that Asuo was his girlfriend and that he rented the house she was staying for her, while Okezuo also claimed Asuo was his girl friend.

The Police prosecutor said that on Oct. 23, when Maza visited his girl friend, he met Okezuo in the house and a fight broke out between the two, resulting in serious injuries to both of them.

The prosecutor said that Maza hit Okezuo’s head with a plank while Okezuo used a knife to cut off a big part of Maza’s lips.

Egwu said that Okezuo was receiving treatment at the National Hospital, Abuja, and would undergo a plastic surgery for a lip reconstruction.

Egwu said the offence contravened the provisions of Sections 312 and 289 of the Penal Code, but the accused pleaded not guilty.

The Presiding Judge, Mr Ado Muktar, granted them bail in the sum of N50,000 and one reasonable surety each in like sum.

He said the sureties must reside within the court’s jurisdiction, and adjourned the case to Nov. 6, for further hearing.

3rd Mainland Bridge re-opens today

The federal government will re-open the 3rd Mainland Bridge today Tuesday October 30th, one week ahead of the November 6th scheduled date of re-opening. The longest bridge in West Africa, which connects Lagos Island to the mainland, was partially closed in early July to allow for thorough repair works that cost the government one billion Naira.

Actor Enebeli Elebuwa getting better in Indian hospital

The veteran actor who was stricken by stroke late last year, is currently in India receiving treatment. He was flown to India a few weeks back by the Delta State Government through its Commissioner of Culture, Richard Mofe Damijo. Elebuwa said recently via a telephone interview with a reporter that he's getting better and is now able to stand unaided for a few minutes for the first time since the illness started late last year.

Heavily pregnant Mercy Johnson still shooting movies

Mercy Johnson is about seven months pregnant but that hasn't slowed her down one bit as she's said to be moving from one movie location to another. What movie producers and marketers now do is write scripts that suit her condition - that of a pregnant woman.

 She recently finished shooting a movie in Delta state and has embarked on another one titled Baby Oku in America which I hear some parts will be shot in the US while she's there to give birth.

6million people without power, 13 dead as Superstorm Sandy sweeps through the US

America has never seen a storm like this. Over $15 billion in damages. At least 13 people killed. Homes destroyed. High-rise apartment buildings now islands. 6.5 million people in 13 states without power. Major airports in Northeast closed. Federal government offices closed. Three feet of heavy snow like concrete, storm surge 14 feet high, buildings on fire, transport in chaos. Mass transit system, schools, stock exchange, all shut down as Super Storm Sandy wrecks havoc in the US.

 The New York City subway system which is 108 years old has never faced a disaster as devastating as what was experienced last night. Atlantic City in New Jersey has become an extension of the Atlantic Ocean as water pressed into the city from three sides, flooding rail yards, subway tracks, tunnels and roads.

22 year old domestic worker found dead in his boss' swimming pool

22 year old Onyeka Kingley Raphael (pictured above) was found dead in the bottom of a swimming pool in the home he worked as a domestic help. His body was removed early Saturday morning from a house on Babatunde Asimi Street, Ogudu GRA.

His family, suspecting fowl play, has petitioned the police, asking for a thorough investigation because when Kingsley's body was removed by policemen from Ogudu police station, eye witnesses said there were no visible injuries on his body except a twisted neck, suggesting that the domestic worker may have been strangled before being dumped in the pool.

What the family also found odd was that the dinner Kingsley made for himself the night before was still on the kitchen table, with his cap near it, and also the fact that the security man who was home at the time of the incident said he didn't see or hear anything. The family also claimed that Kingsley and his boss, a retired accountant named Tunde Williams had a misunderstand a month earlier which almost got Kingsley fired. Kingsley had wanted to leave his job but his elder had begged him to stay because he needed the money for school.

The police promised Kingley's family that an autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of death and told reporters that a thorough investigation will be carried out. The police also mentioned that Mr Williams was so far 'not cooperating with the police'

Revealed: What happened during the minutes of mayhem that led to referee Clattenburg facing racist abuse claims

When John Obi Mikel stormed into the referee’s room on Sunday evening, he believed he had every right to be angry with Mark Clattenburg.

Chelsea had made a stand, wearing Kick It Out’s ‘One Game One Community’ T-shirts before one of the most prestigious fixtures in the Barclays Premier League.

It was a fresh start, with handshakes all round and an anti-racism badge pinned to John Terry’s jacket on the sidelines as he continued to serve a four-match ban for insulting Anton Ferdinand.

What followed is in danger of dragging the game back into the gutter, sparking bitter recrimination and — for the first time in the professional game’s history in England — an allegation of racism against a referee.

Mikel responded after team-mates David Luiz and Ramires told him they believed he had been racially abused by the FIFA official moments after he was booked at Stamford Bridge.

Now Sportsmail can reveal details of the dialogue that is alleged to have taken place between Mikel and Clattenburg that led to the 76th-minute incident which the Chelsea players claim to have heard.

Mikel did not hear the alleged abuse, but Ramires and Luiz are prepared to make statements saying they did.

In the explosive scenes that followed the final whistle, Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo and chief executive Ron Gourlay had to stop Mikel attacking Clattenburg during the confrontation.

Heated conversations between Mikel and the referee had begun when Fernando Torres was sent off after being booked for ‘aggressive simulation’.

The central midfielder continued to cross swords with Clattenburg during the next few frantic minutes as he demanded an explanation for the decision.

Mikel wanted to know why Torres had been booked for a second time when Chelsea’s players were convinced he had been caught by Jonny Evans on his way through on goal in the 68th minute. When Clattenburg told Mikel to keep quiet and to get on with the game, the Nigeria midfielder continued to protest.

It is understood the player used words to the effect of: ‘Why can’t we stand up for ourselves, why can’t we challenge your decisions?’

The dismissal of Torres had reduced Chelsea to nine men, coming on top of the 63rd-minute red card for Branislav Ivanovic, and emotions were running high.

When Torres was sent off, Di Matteo and Sir Alex Ferguson clashed on the touchline as coaching staff from both clubs spilled into the technical area. Clattenburg appeared to have the game under control again until the moment Javier Hernandez scored United’s winner from an offside position in the 75th minute.

Obafemi Martins Rejects Lover's Child; Abandons His Family In Poverty In Lagos

Nigerian footballer, Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins is said to be living large while his family languishes in poverty in Lagos, Nigeria. Sources revealed that the Super Eagles striker and Lavante Football Club point man has allegedly abandoned his family to the mercy of abject poverty.

Sources swore that after the former Inter Milan striker gained fame in 2004, he has virtually turned his back at his family members at Orile Aguda in Lagos. Martins allegedly dumped his family members soon after the death of his mother.

 The sources disclosed that some of his family members have resorted to squatting with friends after their Orile family house was demolished by Fashola's administration some years ago. Just recently, Martins bought two houses in VGC, Victoria Island, Lagos worth about N350million along with expensive cars.

Meanwhile, another source hinted that Martins has denied the child he got from a woman who stays in London. According to a reliable source, the lady named Katherine, had a child for Martins but the former Newcastle striker refused to accept the child from her.

Also, Martins' late brother's (Ladi) wife, Mariam, who had a baby for Ladi before his death, we learnt was never given any N5million as pay off as earlier reported in some sections of the media. Instead, it was alleged that Martins chased the poor woman out of his VGC home when she visited him (Martins).

Sources claimed that the woman was reportedly chased away by Martins with her pregnancy. As we further learnt, this has rendered the woman homeless as Martins allegedly sold Ladi's house and Range Rover Sport.

Also another source said the late Ladi's legal wife, Ugomma, who has two kids, is reportedly not living well in London where she works as a mortuary attendant.

It is expected that Martins will respond to these allegations soon and when that happens you'll get his own side of the story.

Nigerian Female Sex Trafficker Sentenced to 20yrs In Prison

Osezua Osolase, a 42 year old Nigerian man who carried out witchcraft on teenage girls he trafficked from Nigeria to Europe for prostitution has been jailed for 20 years. It was recommended by the jury that Mr Osolase be deported once he has served his sentence.

 Mr Osolase from Gravesend, Kent is reported to preyed on poverty-stricken orphans with the promise of a better life, Canterbury Crown Court heard. Judge Adele Williams told him he was devoid of conscience and compassion.

 Mr Osolase was found guilty of five counts of trafficking, one of rape and one of sexual activity with a child.

 The jury was told in a six-week trial which ended on Friday that West African “juju rituals” were used to instil terror into Osolase’s three vulnerable victims, one aged just 14. ‘Exploitation and degradation’ The judge said the recycling worker, who has HIV, put his victims “in fear” to force their obedience and secure their silence.

 “You were dealing in exploitation and manipulation and degradation,” she told Mr Osolase. “You are undoubtedly a very, very dishonest man. You are arrogant and manipulative; you are devoid of conscience, devoid of any compassion to your victims.”

 The judge said Mr Osolase treated the girls as objects to be sold as sex slaves. The fact that he raped one girl knowing he had HIV was a “seriously aggravating” feature. Mr Osolase is alleged to take the girls to his home in Gravesend before sending them to work as prostitutes in mainland Europe.

 The court had heard girls were trafficked into the UK and taken to Mr Osolase’s home in Gravesend before being sent to work as prostitutes in mainland Europe. One of the girls described the Juju ceremony performed on her in Nigeria. During the ritual, samples of blood were extracted from the girl and her head hair and pubic hair were also cut.

 She was then told to swear an oath of silence. Osolase was stopped at Stansted airport in April 2011 attempting to board a plane.

 Anthony Orchard QC, defending, said Mr Osolase disclosed that he had HIV voluntarily to police. “Mr Osolase acknowledges and regrets the consequences of his actions in relation to taking the girls out of the UK, and he has to bear the consequences of those actions,” Mr Orchard told the court.

Super storm hits U.S

At least 50 million people are bracing for the worst storm forecasters say could be the largest ever to hit the United States.

 Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the East Coast at 8:50 this evening, and will bring that part of the country to a standstill in the next few days with battering winds, flooding and lengthy power outages.

 State of emergency has been declared in NYC, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, and there's mandatory evacuation in all all low level cities. Public transportation, subways, bridges, schools, tunnels, businesses, have all been closed.

 Much of the East Coat is on lock down right now as they are expecting a storm surge of 6 to 11 feet above normal high tide. The hurricane is expected to merge with winter storm and they say it has the potential to cause "unprecedented damage."

 Thousands of flights into and out of the US east-coast have been canceled and president Obama has also canceled his presidential campaign to monitor the storm, which could cost the US billions of dollars in damages.

Heart attack footballer Fabrice Muamba marries fiancee seven months after he collapsed on pitch

It was the dream wedding that almost did not take place after 24-year-old football star Fabrice Muamba 'died' on the pitch seven months ago.

Now this joyful picture of him with his beautiful bride Shauna Magunda on their big day shows just how far the ex-Bolton Wanderers player has come.

The ceremony looked in grave in danger of never happening in March, when Muamba had a heart attack during an FA Cup match at Tottenham ground White Hart Lane

Muamba had proposed to 27-year-old Miss Magunda just a month before his cardiac arrest, on Valentine's Day
The distraught young woman became a constant presence at her fiance’s bedside, and by August he had recovered, although his playing days are now behind him.
Their nuptials were attended by Premier League star Robin Van Persie and his wife, who posed with the happy couple for the latest edition of Hello! magazine.
Muamba told the magazine: 'This year has been a difficult one but, to me, marriage is the happy ending.'
The guests also included Reading striker Jason Roberts, ex-England striker Andy Cole and Muamba's Bolton team-mates Stuart Holden and Martin Petrov.
Dr Sam Mohiddin, one of the medics who saved Muamba's life at the London Chest Hospital, also attended.
 Dr Mohiddin said: 'Seven months ago this day was completely inconceivable.
'I just feel elated for Fabrice and Shauna, and so honoured to be here to celebrate with them.
'The cardiac arrest had a big impact on everyone in football, and we all lived the moment as Fab recovered in hospital.
'Everyone is so relieved and happy for him and Shauna.'

The wedding was held at 19th century Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, where Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand and Sunderland player Wes Brown both got married.
A Manchester-based catering firm provided Caribbean-themed food, which included jerk chicken and curried goat.

My Dad Taking Advantage Of me, what do i really owe him?

I was raised by a single parent,i turned out great and made my mother proud. she made it a big issue for me to meet my dad,i finally did and honesty we had nothing much to talk about and to my surprise i am a carbon copy of him. 

My dad had 2 wives since then and loads of half caste kids. i got close to my sister and we did keep in-touch,shes the opposite of me. she made her beauty get her all she wants. 

my fathers kids are all grown up and living around world,i moved back few years ago and again my mother reunited us. (she say honor your father and you mother so that your days may be long) 

my dad fell sick and money was needed,i gave more than half,now hes recovered and he wants a generator and a monthly income from me. 

my questions; do i owe this man anything?
 he did not in anyway provide for me,why is he asking me for anything?
 hes a writer and of all the 36 books he wrote,i was not acknowledged in it. what do i really owe him?

Ex-BBA Housemates, Barbz and Zainab In Lesbianism Act With Erotic Kissing (PHOTOS)

Last week, Barbz went Sierra Leone to visit and support Zainab at a cancer event.
 While there, the 2 models and former Big Brother Africa StarGame contestants engaged in some girl-on-girl action and shared the photos on social networking site Twitter, raising controversy as to whether they are dating.

Aki And Pawpaw Visit Flood Victims In Delta State (PHOTOS)

Nollywood Icons Aki and Pawpaw Camp With Flood Victims In Delta State

Monday, 29 October 2012

Jim Iyke set to host own reality TV show

The actor and businessman is set to host his own reality TV show on cable TV. Jim Iyke Unscripted is a joint production of Africa Magic and Oh Africa TV and will access all areas of the actor's life. The reality TV show was brokered by Jim's UK-based management company, Greyology Inc, and will show you a Jim Iyke you have never seen before. Jim Iyke Unscripted will hit your screens in a matter of weeks as the actor is said to have started production. Watch out for it!

HELP!!! I Am A Prostitute And Wants To Quit

Hello Readers Of  BGB,

My name is ............I Started Prostitution when I was 15 and worked a couple of months, then stopped until I was 17 when I started again. I'm now 19. I work on the streets. It's not too bad actually - not as bad as people think.But I want to put a stop to it,seems am addicted to the fun i get from it...Advise please.

Bizzare: 62-year-old Man Allegedly Defiles 10-year-old Daughter

62-year old Alabi Ibrahim has been accused by his step daughter of habitually sleeping with her.

The 10-year-old girl disclosed this Sunday, lamenting that her step father had had intercourse with her at their residence at Opara Estate, Aiyetoro Road in Abeokuta countless times.

Reports say the man’s evil act was revealed when the girl shared her experience ignorantly with her siblings who then told her mother, Mrs. Adiat Ibrahim who subsequently reported her husband to the police in Abeokuta.

The suspect, however, took to his heels when police detectives went after him in Onikolobo area of Abeokuta.

The victim while narrating her ordeal explained how her step father threatens to kill her if she told anybody each time he had s*x with her.

She said; “Daddy always came to me when Mummy was not at home, and warned me not to tell anybody, so that I wouldn’t die”.

Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi while confirming the incident described the action of the man as barbaric, promising that the police will thoroughly investigate the matter towards possibly charging the suspect to court for defilement.

“The police totally condemn the act. He will not be spared. The man will be charged to court, after a thorough investigation,” Adejobi assured.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

St Rita Catholic Church bomb blast: A message from Pres. Jonathan

The bomb blast at St Rita Catholic Church in Kaduna today killed at least 8 people and injured over 100. A suicide bomber drove a Honda CRV packed with explosives into the church building at about 8.45am while worshippers gathered for the Sunday service. Below is a message from our president through his media spokesman, Reban Abati

 Mr President has got to stop condemning these killings and find ways to stop

15-year-old student Commits Suicide After Sleeping With Four Football Players

Felicia Garcia, a 15-year-old student at Tottenville High School who killed herself by jumping in the path of a train was bullied to death by classmates after she had sex with four football players, police sources revealed.

 The tormented Staten Island teenager was driven to her death after two 17-year-old classmates blabbed about the encounters.

 Garcia’s life began spinning out of control Saturday when she went to a post-football game party and agreed to have sex with some of the players, police sources said.

 On Monday, she told a girlfriend about the encounters and told her they were consensual.

 “Kids are saying she had sex with some guys from the football team at a party after the game. Later on they wouldn’t leave her alone about it. They just kept bullying her and bullying her,” said one of Garcia’s friends.

 After the weekend, Garcia tweeted on Monday:

“I cant, i am done, I give up.

UPDATE On Kaduna Catholic Church Suicide Bomb Attack:1 Dead, Several Others Injure

The lone bomber had reportedly approached the church gate in a bomb laden Honda CRV with the hope of driving unnoticed into the church premises. The security at the gate who didn’t know his mission, refused him entry.

Apparently determined to carry out his evil plot, the bomber then reversed his car and rammed it forcefully against the gate of the church which gave way allowing him to run the car into the church building at about 8.45 a.m when worshipers were observing the usual Sunday morning mass.

A major section of the church building, cars and other houses close to the church were affected by the impact of the.

Eye witnesses say that reprisal attacks followed immediately after the bombing even as security officials are reported to have cordoned off the area, while officials of the State Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross have been evacuating the dead and injured victims.

Police Public Relations Officer , DSP Aminu Lawan said there was only one confirmed bomber and that no casualties had yet been confirmed apart from the bomber himself. However, a witness, Daniel Kazah, a member of the Catholic cadets in the church, said he had seen three bodies on the bloodied church floor. “But still others were taken to the mortuary,” he added.

Meanwhile the Red Cross has confirmed that 62 adults & children were injured in the blast and 1 Dead.

B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G NEWS! Suicide Bomber Attack a Catholic Church in Kaduna

 suicide bomber of the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram has attacked the St. Rita Catholic Church,
 Ungwar Yero in Kaduna metropolis.
 The attack happened at church morning Mass, the Reverend Father is reported to be injured.
 Details of other causalities still unknown.

Man With Four Children Die After Poisoned Corn Meal In Enugu

A man identified as Mr. Charles Nnadi and his four children have been confirmed dead at Mbu Apochi community in Isiuzo local government area of Enugu State after taking a corn and cassava meal believed to have been poisoned.

 The incident caused panic among residents of the community while members of the Nnadi family were thrown into mourning.

Sources said that Nnadi and six children became sick and unconscious after eating the mixture of cassava and corn flour and were rushed to St. Mark’s Hospital, Eha-Amufu by sympathizers but the family head and two of his children died few minutes later.

Following their death, four other members of the family, who were admitted along with them, were transferred to a trado-medical hospital at Enugu-Ezike, Igbo Eze North local government where two of the children later gave up the ghost.

The remaining two are now lying critically at the hospital and their condition is said to be precarious.

Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, who confirmed the death of the five persons in Enugu, yesterday, said that the operatives of the state command had already began full scale investigations with a view to unraveling the mystery and circumstances surrounding the alleged incident of food poisoning.

Meanwhile, some sympathizers and relations of the deceased persons have described the incident as tragic and shocking, urging law-enforcement agencies to ensure proper investigation of the matter to determine whether the food poisoning was masterminded by someone.

Such investigation, they said, was necessary to fish out the perpetrators and bring them to book, lamenting that such mysterious deaths had become very rampant within Nsukka area in recent times.

Culled from Vanguard

46 year old Woman gives birth to triplets After 11 children

A 46-year-old housewife, Malama Delu Alhaji-Ali, of Unguwar Namanda village, Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State, has been delivered of a set of triplets during what was her 12th consecutive childbirth.

Delu gave birth to the triplets at the Comprehensive Health Care Centre in Faskari on Saturday.

Hajia Binta Suleiman, the Nursing Officer in charge of the health centre’s maternity ward, said that both the mother and her three baby boys were in stable condition.

Suleiman said that Delu was delivered of the babies unassisted, adding, however, that she had been on admission in the hospital for the last four days when officials noticed that her expected date of delivery was fast approaching.

Suleiman said that the set of triplets was the first recorded in the hospital this year, and she urged Delu’s husband and relations as well as the local government authorities to assist the mother by ensuring that she had access to nutritious foods.

Meanwhile, Hajia Sa’adatu Faskari-Ahmad, the wife of Faskari Local Government Council’s Caretaker Committee Chairman, has donated some clothes and cash to the woman and her triplets.

Faskari-Ahmad congratulated Delu, stressing that the triplets were a rare and extraordinary blessing from Allah.

Responding, Delu expressed appreciation for the gifts and the support she received from the hospital workers.

She said that the triplets bring the number of her children to 14 since all her previous eleven births were single babies.

Delu, however, recalled that before giving birth to the triplets, she experienced some abnormalities during the initial stage of the pregnancy.

She said that although the responsibility of taking care of the three children would be quite challenging for her, she would overcome the challenges with Allah's support.

 Daily Times

30 year Old Prophetess Set Ablaze While Celebrating Trance (PHOTOS)

She was a paragon of beauty not long ago. She now wears a new but frightening look. But when 30 year-old Prophetess Folashade Esther Ogunseye of the Celestial Church Genesis Model Parish Agbado, Ogun state went into trance for seven days sometime in July this year, she warned her church members not to celebrate the feat for her.

But they would have none of that as they insisted on rolling out the drums. So on the fateful day, they prepared food and practically dragged her to the church where they danced round her to celebrate the spiritual feat.

In the midst of the celebration, one of the church workers called Elijah allegedly sprayed perfume known in celestial parlance as Ona La on the dancers without taking cognizance of lighted candles which some of them were holding.

Alas the perfume caught fire and Sade was set ablaze along with three other members who had joined in the celebration. A pastor in the church who had come to rescue them was also affected by the fire.

However, Sade was the worst-hit as she suffered severe burns. So the once delectable Sade has been turned to a monster of sort.

Nigerian Tribune

Gowon Lambasts Achebe; Says His Book Was Written Out of Ignorance

 "What role did Achebe play in the secessionist plans? Achebe must have been outside the country during the war and probably did not know what happened during the period otherwise he would not have written on what he was not sure of ".

 Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, has criticized renowned author, Professor Chinua Achebe, over his new book on the Nigerian civil war, saying Achebe does not know the facts of the issue he was writing about.

 Gowon said he was ready to face the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague on the matter if necessary.

 “In fact , if there was no secession by the south eastern part of the country, there would have been no civil war because right from the beginning of the crises, the war would have been averted if not for the secession . It was something I believed we could have stopped,” he stressed.

 Gowon also debunked the claim by the author that his administration embarked on the mass killing of Igbo, adding that the federal troops did not also use hunger as a weapon to dislodge the dissidents.

 “It was the Igbo that objected to the creation of corridor for movements of medical aid and food supplies to the civilian population at the period. On this, I am ready to face the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague for prosecution over the role played by me during the war and, fortunately, some Nigerians are still alive to bear witness to the roles played by both the leadership of the secessionist group and the then Federal Military Government under my leadership," Gowon stressed

Gowon also revealed that during the war, a ship named “Josina” and owned by the secessionist group, which they claimed was carrying agricultural implements, was captured by federal troops and when it was subjected to a thorough search, the cargo turned out to be a collection of arms and ammunition.

 The erstwhile Nigerian leader, was answering questions from journalists when he visited Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu at the Presidential Lodge, Minna, Niger state, on Saturday.

"Tallest African" Ties The Nupital Knot?

Hey guys...its not about the money,nor about the physical features...its all about the heart...join me in wishing this couple a "happily ever after" end tale....

Sir Alex Ferguson eyes midfield role for Rooney ahead of Chelsea summit meeting

Wayne Rooney will be restored to a midfield role in Sunday's Premier League summit meeting

against Chelsea as Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson goes on the defensive in a bid to improve his side's dire recent record at Stamford Bridge
 The burgeoning partnership between the Englishman and Robin van Persie has provided one of the more encouraging aspects of United's start to the new season. The deadly duo have contributed eight league goals to the Old Trafford outfit's cause already this term and dovetailed to devastating effect in October 20's 4-2 victory against Stoke City.

But United's patchy defensive form – they have conceded four times in two games and fallen behind in eight of their 12 matches in all competitions this term – allied to their poor record in west London has convinced Sir Alex to opt for a more conservative 4-5-1 line-up against the league leaders.


 Although United battled back from 3-0 down to force an improbable draw in the corresponding fixture last season, their record at the home of the current European champions, where they have not won in the league for over 10 years, is poor.

Rooney, who opened his season's account for his club with a brace against Tony Pulis' side, will therefore be restored to the midfield role which he filled with distinction against Newcastle in a 3-0 win earlier in October, with Sir Alex mindful of needing to thwart Chelsea's attacking triumvirate of Oscar, Eden Hazard and Juan Mata.
The Scot must also perm one from three of Anderson, Paul Scholes and Darren Fletcher, who is in line to make his first Premier League start since last November after impressing in training this week.

Shinji Kagawa misses out with the knee injury that is set to rule him out for up to a month but Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra will be restored to the defence after they were rested for the narrow midweek victory over Braga.

I contracted STD from my husband -Housewife

Mrs. Olushola Gbediga alleged that her husband, Mr. Mathew Gbediga, afflicted her with sexually transmitted disease (STD). Before then, the woman said the husband kept away the STD from her for three months.

Olushola, who dragged her husband before an Agege customary court, claimed her husband was promiscuous to the extent that he was crazy about anything in skirt.
 The woman claimed that her pastor was aware that her husband had STD, and he had been treating it for him.

She added that her husband always accused her of flirting, despite the fact that he was the one that afflicted her with the disease.

Mathew denied the allegation, saying it was his mechanic that told him his wife was dating someone, but he did not believe him until she started complaining that her vagina discharge was smelling badly.

”I was surprised to be told that I had STD, when l went for malaria treatment; so I told my wife and the pastor, but to my surprise my wife did not go for the test, and that made her to conclude that l contacted the disease from her”.

The husband claimed that his wife lied to him that she was going to Agege only for him to discover that she went to Itori, Abeokuta, Ogun State.He therefore pleaded that the court should not dissolve the marriage because he still loved his wife dearly.
 Meanwhile, the court president Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle adjourned the case till November 26 for further hearing.


Man Throws Wife into Pit Toilet (PHOTO)

Residents of Agbado, in Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State have been thrown into a state of shock when tragedy struck in the home of a couple hitherto to be friendly and gentle.The tragedy: a middle-aged woman identified as Rauda Alaraba was allegedly thrown into a pit latrine by her 46-year-old husband, Surajudeen, in their rented house during a domestic squabble between the two of them.

While the cause of the fight is yet unknown, the marriage of the couple was said to have produced some children but the husband, it was learnt, was not gainfully employed and had to rely on the wife, a petty trader, for sustenance.

According to Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikemefuna Okoye, the suspect committed the crime at about 7.20pm penultimate Sunday. He said the suspect would be charged to court after the completion of the interrogation. Disclosing how the police got the story, Okoye said: “The Agbado Division had a distress call that a man had pushed his wife into a deep pit and we quickly rushed to the scene where the victim was met dead in the pit.

“The suspect was immediately apprehended and we are still interrogating him, he will be charged to court as soon as we are done with our investigations”.

 Source: Vanguard

Army Closing in on Political Leaders of Boko Haram – Major-General

An army officer, the General Officer Commanding 1 Division, Nigerian Army, Maj- Gen. Garba Wahab, yesterday said that the military was closing in on politicians, who sponsor terrorism in the country. According to Wahab, the Police alone cannot handle the security challenges facing the country.

He says, “If we are told by the political leadership of Nigeria to leave the streets today, it will take me just a few minutes to order my soldiers back to the barracks. But the police cannot handle the situation alone; that is why we were called in the first place.

Wahab was speaking when he received the executive members of the Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna led by its chairman, Mr. Luka Binniyat, at the 1 Div Headquarters. Kaduna. He said the Army would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that Nigerians live in peace and are well secured.

He continues: “We are dealing with terrorists, who operate a complex command chain and understand their turf very well. Some of them who we have arrested are just the foot-soldiers, who do not even know one another. We believe that they have spiritual and political leaders and we have started getting at them.

“These people have well -stocked arms but we do not want to create panic in the public with revelation of arms we have recovered from them. In Zaria alone, in the house of the an influential man, we engaged these terrorists on several hours of gun battle before we subdued them. We discovered a pile-up of explosives, maybe about a tonne. We had to evacuate the entire area before removing the explosives.”

 Source: Leadership