Monday, 25 March 2013

Patrick Obahiagbon to #OgaAtTheTop: We Stand On Spaghetti Legs Under You

Oga At The Top this time being the number one man, Goodluck Jonathan...

For some time now since he became the Chief of Staff to Adams Oshiomhole, governor of Edo State, Patrick Obahiagbon has not said much about the polity. But he broke his silence recently. Reacting to moves by President Jonathan to remain in office after 2015, Obahiagbon said:

"I thought, during the last presidential election and still do think, that the Presidency of Nigeria is too serious a subject to be reduced to ‘parapoistic’ shenanigans.
"To answer the question if the Jonathan administration has met the goodwill with which it rode to power must lead to other epiphenomenal questions such as, what has improved today in the material conditions of the ragtag and bobtail since the president’s emergence and how has he deployed his powers in aid of the utilitarian matrix?
"It does appear to me that Nigeria is still a sleeping giant standing on spaghetti legs even today." 

Who agrees with Hon. Obahiagbon?

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