Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So Kim Kardashian Says Tuface & Tiwa Savage Look Like Apes?

When porn star and reality tv girl, Kim Kardashian came to Nigeria for her highly criticized, she spent less than one minute on stage [about 45 seconds] and walked away. She was handsomely paid!

What happened that she couldn't even spend a minute in front of Nigerian's? Is it because the faces she saw are those of 'Apes'? I recall that Tiwa Savage and Tuface were everywhere taking pictures with her on the red carpet. Could it be she didn't like their faces? See my position below...

First I blame Darey for bringing this lady to Nigeria. A woman who has had sex with a man on camera and is proud of the shameful act should not be a role model of any kind to our ladies. Although I don't think she actually tweeted that insult about Nigeria but bringing her here is even a bigger insult.

Funny enough, some Nigerian families actually paid huge amount of money to take pictures with Kim and use it as portrait in their homes. Nigerians really presented themselves cheap before Kim.

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