Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WICKED WORLD! Boy Beheads His Father [Photo]

The inhabitants of Buea Town are still to recover from the shock and consternation following the heinous killing of Pa Daniel Mbonde by his fourth son.

Friday, 15 March marked the untimely exit of Pa Daniel Mbonde, a retired Prison Warder beheaded in his farm by his own son whose name Cameroon Tribune got as Gabriel Mbonde alias “Daddy Black”.

Gabriel, 25, is presently languishing at the Buea Central Police station cell while the headless body of the father by press time (3pm Saturday) was brought to the family compound around the ‘Pala Pala field’ neighbourhood by the police for burial.

As the story goes, Pa Mbonde went to his farm situated around HUT One on the slopes of Mount Fako, Friday morning with one of his sons (Ndumbe). By 4pm, the two decided to go back home and each carried a long of wood. The young Ndumbe narrated that his father asked him to go ahead since he could not walk faster to the pace of the young man.

Somewhere along the road, he went on, he met with his elder brother (the assassin) and asked him where he was going by that time of the day but “Daddy Black” responded that he too was going to fetch his own firewood. Ndumbe said he questioned the brother how he was going to cut firewood without a machete but he said he was going to collect the machete from the father.

When by 6pm Pa Mbonde had not return, eyebrows were raised on what might have happened to him. Meanwhile, the said “Daddy Black” returned with a bag containing the head of his father. He is said to have moved with the said black bag around the neigbourhood claiming that his money is on the way coming. A woman who was also returning from her farm, Cameroon Tribune learnt, is reported to have seen somebody lying on the ground in the bush but did not border to verify. Following the search of the old man (in his early 70s according to family sources), the woman hinted the villagers who immediately went out to see for themselves.

The younger brother and other youths of the locality mobilized and got “Daddy Black” who admitted haven beheaded the father. He reportedly went to the house and brought out the father’s head. He was then taken to the Central Police Station where he is currently detained. Gabriel Mbonde a.k.a “Daddy Black” according to family sources has been a torn to the father’s flesh and the rest of the family.

He is said to have been on his father’s throat over monetary issues, accusing the father of selling the house and land without giving his own share. Cameroon Tribune also gathered that this is not the first time “Daddy Black” is committing such a flagitious act. He had some time ago, attempted to cut off the younger brother’s head. The incident left the brother (Ndumbe) with severe machete cuts which almost took his life. “Daddy Black” again is reported to have molested his niece (younger sister’s child).

When he inflicted machete wounds on the brother, Cameroon Tribune learnt, he was detained in waiting trial at the Buea Central Prison but the father who is today the next victim, sold his house and land and bailed him out.

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