Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Adulterous woman infects Pastor with Sexually Transmitted Infection

Zimbabwean Baptist pastor Phillip Dube has been granted a peace order against his adulterous wife who allegedly had numerous boyfriends and constantly got STI from her escapades.

Mai Mufundisi Precious Zinyumbu, who lived with her husband in Masvingo's Rujeko Township would send suggestive messages to her boyfriends from her cellphone, the court sitting before magistrate Lyn Manyika heard.
Adulterous woman infects Pastor with Sexually Transmitted Infection
AT one time, she allegedly infected one of her several boyfriends with an STI and the boyfriend complained bitterly. Other boyfriends would phone and insult pastor Dube, the court heard.

Mai Mufundisi Precious, who comes from Gwaindepi Village under Chief Madzivire in Chivi, also left home for long periods without her husband's permission.

In his application, Pastor Dube told the court that sometime in 2011, his wife left home without his knowledge and went to Harare where she lived with a boyfriend despite being legally married to him under Chapter 5:11. She only came back home following an altercation with the boyfriend who accused her of infecting him with a sexually transmitted infection.

Despite that, the man of God - Pastor Dube - took back her beloved 'prodigal wife' but three months later, Mai Mufundisi Precious left home again to stay with another man, leaving behind her two children aged six and three.

In his papers, Pastor Dube stated that he begged his wife to return home but was having sleepless nights as the wife was receiving numerous love messages from various boyfriends. The woman would insult the man of the cloth whenever he dared to question her. The boyfriends would also phone Pastor Dube telling him not to bother their girlfriend.

The man of God then approached other pastors to counsel his wife - Mai Mufundisi, who is under normal circumstances the leader of Ruwadzano (Women's department) but that did not change anything. This led him to seek protection from the courts which he was granted.

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