Monday, 29 April 2013

I Ran Away From Nollywood Because Of Sexual Harassment

While those who are doing it will tell you there is nothing like sexual harassment in Nigeria's movie industry, the few exceptional ones not only talk about it but often leave when the heat gets unbearable. This is the case of actress Mary Uranta. Below is her experience with randy producers:
“At a point, sex became a condition for getting movie roles so I just took a walk. There were times when I missed getting roles because I wouldn’t succumb to pressure so I left and did other things including studying at the London School of Arts.

"But the passion was so strong I knew I just had to return so, I took time to look for professionals; people who would be interested in my talent and not taking me to bed.”
She added that she's now bold enough to hold her own anywhere and will only succumb to a man if she wants him and can't be lured into sex just to get a movie role.

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