Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How I Had My First Kiss – Bimbo Thomas

Just like several of her peers, Bimbo Thomas decided to earn her living in Nollywood some years back and she swung into action by taking up training to spice up her knowledge of the industry. She had continued to hope for a better day until luck smiled on her when Funke Akindele invited her to play a cameo in her flick, Omo Ghetto. And since then she has been waxing stronger. 

Born and bred in Lagos, beautiful Bimbo who is better known as Nikky on the heels of her role in Omo Ghetto, in this interview spoke about how she became an actress, her most embarrassing experience and her first kiss ever among other interesting issues.

What is happening to Bimbo Thomas, where have you been?

I have been working. I’m going to have a break soon because I’m going to the United States to shoot a film. I should be away for about six weeks.

Some actresses shoot movies just to exhibit their cleavages and curves without any message. What should we expect from your own movie?

It’s different strokes for different folks. I am a theatre practitioner to the core, I read Theatre Arts, I know all the nooks and crannies of it, so I’m not going to do just anything and that is why I took my time and if I’m doing something now, it has to be something reasonable and meaningful. The movie is going to be a tragedy and it’s going to be society related. You should keep your fingers crossed.

As a beautiful lady, how do you handle male attention?

I know how to handle guys; it’s not a problem. For instance, my blackberry is not meant for fans. I also watch my interaction with guys. You would see someone call you only to say he got your number somewhere. I don’t shun them because you can never tell. I handle them with care and I make sure I don’t misbehave.

You are ripe for marriage. What is keeping you?

You will ask God that question o. But it will happen. I won’t say I should have been married or whatever. I will get married. I would marry very soon.

Could it be that you are confused as regard whom to choose among those at your disposal?

No, the thing is I’m single but I’m not available.

Some ladies fancy their boobs; others fancy their hips and the rest. What do you appreciate most as your physical attributes?

I think it’s my face. I have got a pretty face. I love my face.

Some actresses love to marry guys that are based overseas and eventually they disengage. What is your take on such practice?

That is an individual thing, it’s about what you like. For me, I do my thing, whether you are abroad or Nigeria; I decide whom I go out with. When I conclude you are okay for me then I don’t have a problem with where you reside. My boyfriend is based abroad, yes, but he just relocated and we are together. I would say it’s an individual thing like I said earlier because we all have freedom to do whatever we like.

What is the most embarrassing thing a fan has done to you?

One day, a commercial bus driver and his conductor saw me on Ikorodu Road and the driver just parked and started shouting ‘omo ghetto’ and before I knew it all the passengers had come down and were asking me to do this and that. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to flare up but because of the environment, I could not. It was really something else.

Are you actually trimming down because you look slimmer?

Yes, I’m really working on myself because I am imagining myself in size 12 (laughs).

How did your first kiss happen?

My first kiss ever, haaa… it was stolen and it was my first love. We were talking and I was angry, trying to report something to him, and he was like ‘don’t be angry’ and before I could say Jack Robinson, he had planted a kiss on me. And I was like ‘what did you just do?’ That was how I had my first kiss. In fact, my first kiss was stolen.

Source: The Sun

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