Thursday, 25 April 2013


aw People Screaming and Shouting Inside Church...

BETAGIST have gotten similar messages before but none touched us like this one did. We are at a cross road in the world today with too many strange and negative events unfolding by the minutes. Atrocities are now a past time for many people who should know better.

Is the time for people to pay for their actions now here? See the revelation below...
I saw it again. This time more scary. The end-time is more than nigh. 
It will happen like a flash unexpected and time shall be no more for repentance. In my dream, I didn't make it to heaven despite I was saying my last prayer for forgiveness of sins, it was as if God shut his ears. I saw multitude of people running into a church. But inside that church, screaming and shouting everywhere; people making utterances to heaven. 
Behold it was as if a strange spirit entered into some people more clearly, I remember seeing an old man who was beside me whom the said spirit entered into and as he let out a cry, he disappeared and few other people. At that point, I realized that the rapture has taken place. I cried the more. 
Immediately, the devil took over and started making mockery of the left over Christians. He had a register of everyone's name.... At this point, I woke up. 
The end is more than near. Don't keep this message and don't get annoyed when u receive this just do God a favour and keep re broadcasting. You might save a lost soul. God bless you

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