Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Man calls police to complain that he can't afford paying a prostitute

A Manhattan, Kan., man allegedly called the cops when he couldn't afford the cost of the sex he had with a prostitute, according to the Topeka Capital Journal.

Police, who did not release the names of either the man or the alleged sex worker, were called to the gentleman's mobile home early Wednesday morning.

The man told police he couldn't afford the $400 session and called authorities because he "feared for his safety," the Journal reports.

The man was charged with patronizing a prostitute and the woman was slapped with engaging in acts of prostitution, according to Opposing Views, which also adds this nugget of speculation:

"Regardless of how the case turns out, how mad is the woman at this guy now? He called the cops on himself and got her busted while he was at it."

It's hard to say which alleged John is accused of worse lapses in judgement; the Kansas man or this guy from Michigan who called cops after he said his prostitute of choice unexpectedly raised her price.

In that case, however, only the alleged prostitute was taken into custody.

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