Saturday, 27 April 2013

Teacher stripped naked for dating friend’s husband

Fortune and Eki were not only the best of friends, they were from the same village. An impregnable line was, however, drawn recently when Eki caught Fortune pants down with her husband.

A mother of three daughters escaped death recently by the whiskers after being descended upon heavily by street urchins in her neighbourhood. Her offence: She was allegedly having sexual relations with her friend’s husband. Fortune until very recently lived with her three daughters in a room at Bolumole area of Ifo Local Government Council of Ogun State.

She is a divorcee and teaches at a private elementary school at Oju-Oore area of Sango Ota, in Ado-Odo/ Ota Local Government Area of the state. Fortune was said to have lost her marriage in 2005 when she was caught having an affair with her husband’s colleague.

The situation made the husband to abscond. This later led to the death of the marriage as her husband relocated to the northern part of the country. Then, their abode was at Alapere area of Ketu, Lagos State. As a result of this she also relocated from Ketu to Ifo with her three daughters.

There she resettled and got her current work as a teacher. At her new place of abode, Fortune, an indigene of Ikom, Cross River State, soon became friends with Eki who is from the same town with her.

Eki, who has an eight-yearold son, lives with her banker husband in the town. Eki’s husband, Azu, is from Asaba in Delta State. Fortune, who lived in a room and parlour at Ifo, was two just blocks apart from Eki’s house. While Fortune wakes up quite early to go to work every day, her friend, Eki, is a full time house wife and she also looks after the family’s poultry in their own compound.

Since Azu works at a bank around Lagos Island, he used to leave home very early each day. But, sometime last year, Azu was transferred to the Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State branch of his bank. As a result of this, Eki pleaded with him to help give her friend a ride to Sango while going to work every morning.

The man obliged and every morning that he while going to work, he would give Fortune a ride to Sango-Ota. In no time, something else happened. Azu and Fortune began an illicit relationship.

This had been on for almost a year now. But one Sunday afternoon in January this year, Fortune told Eki in company of her husband that she was relocating from Ifo. It was a shock to Eki. Fortune told the couple that she was leaving the area because she had been transferred from Ota to Iju area of Lagos State. Unknown to Eki, however, her husband had just secured a 2-bedrom apartment for her friend, Fortune, at Dalemo, in Sango-Ota.

The day Fortune was moving her property out of the house, Eki reportedly wept like a baby. Eki had prevailed on Fortune to give her, her new address but the latter kept on promising she would come and take Eki there. She never did. However, both women vowed to continue their friendship irrespective of the distance. Around the time Fortune moved out of Ifo, Azu also reportedly informed his wife that his schedule of work in the office had changed in such a way that he had to spend the weekend in the office. The wife took the news in good faith and all had been well since then.

But trouble started around late February, 2013, when another friend of Eki reportedly informed her that she saw her husband and a woman, hand in hand, shopping together on a Saturday at Shoprite, Alausa, Lagos.

A couple of weeks later, one of Eki’s in-laws also shocked the woman, but this time, he claimed he saw her husband with Fortune feeding each other at a drinking joint around Abule-Egba area of Lagos State on a Saturday night. Eki, apparently too afraid to confront her husband with the story, decided to trace his movements, hoping to get to the root of the matter.

On Saturday, April 19, 2013, Eki’s in-law, a petrol attendant around Abule-Egba-Fagba Road, again sighted Azu and Fortune at the same beer joint and hurriedly put a call to Eki. Within a short time, she reportedly arrived at the area, and saw her husband feeding Fortune with a glass of drink. Barely an hour after Eki arrived there; Azu and Fortune entered the car and drove off. Fortune’s new abode is reported to be a stone throw to the drinking joint.

As the two of them drove off, Eki and her in-law reported rushed on a motorcycle and traced them to the place. Within minutes, the door to Fortune’s flat was shut and the light went out. That was around 8:45pm.

Moments later, Eki and her petrol attendant in-law barged into the flat and knocked at the door. It was Azu who reportedly came to open the door. He was shocked to see his wife there. Eki reportedly brushed past her husband and made for Fortune, her friend. She was wrapped in a towel in the living room.

“Twice I was told of the relationship between Fortune and my husband but I never took it serious, until my sister-in-law’s brother, who works around there also told me about it.

“When he saw them again that Saturday, he called me and I took a motorcycle from Ifo down to Abule Egba that I could catch them there. They were still there when I arrived but I hid myself at the filling station where the boy works.

When my husband and Fortune drove off, we chartered another motorcycle to follow them and we eventually traced them to the house my husband rented for her and where both of them always spend the weekend,” Eki narrated. With the shout for help, neighbour reportedly pounced on Fortune and gave her the beating of her life. She was also reportedly stripped almost naked in the process.

Azu, on his part, hurriedly got dressed and drove out of the place, but not without pebbles hurled at his car’s windscreen. A shop owner in the area, Fidelis, told Saturday Mirror that but for the intervention of people, Fortune would have been lynched by the irate mob that gathered at the scene.

“I did not know why the woman’s (Fortune) neighbours treated her like that, but the wife of the man and the young man that came with her did strip her almost naked and damaged most of the electrical appliances in the house. When the woman told the people what happened, some area boys in the area started beating Fortune and almost killed her,” Fidelis added.

Fortune reportedly left the house with the only kid living with her. She has not been seen since then. It was also gathered that Azu had travelled to his village while Eki had gone there to meet the family.

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