Thursday, 25 April 2013

WILL YOU BELIEVE? If Boko Haram Knows Where to Find Buhari, They Will Kill Him - Salkida.

 Ahmed Salkida, the popular journalist who is the only one who has successfully and consistently been able to get in touch with the leadership of the Jamā'a Ahl al-sunnah li-da'wa wa al-jihād, better known as Boko Haram, has revealed that if the violent Islamic sect knows the whereabouts of Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) they would kill him.

In an interview with online journalist, Mercy Abang, Salkida was asked a question about Buhari's relationship with the sect when he made the startling revelation. The question and his response appear below;

Q: You once said the way out of the conflict is for a trusted and independent body to ferry moderate clerics to a third friendly country with the leadership of Boko Haram… Are you speaking the mind of the sect? Because they (Boko Haram) had requested former head of state Muhammadu Buhari, to lead the peace deal to hold in Saudi Arabia?

A: First of all, the sect never said Buhari should be a mediator or mentioned going to Saudi. It is the same Abdulaziz group that declared ceasefire that made the pronouncement on Buhari and co. When they called me to dispatch this same message to the media, I asked the caller several questions about who he was and why haven’t the sect reached me through the usual source. He could not give me answers so he called ignorant journalists that spread his message like wild fire.

I am sorry to say this, if the sect knows where to find General Buhari (someone I respect a lot) they will make an attempt on his life. To them, any retired and servicing soldier, police, politician or civil servant is an infidel that deserves to be killed. So how can the same sect with such an ideology listen to General Buhari, the Governor of Borno state or any other politician or the Sultan?

The average member of this sect see all these people whether they are muslims or not as ‘livil corpses’. For God sake have we not been listening to this people in the last couple of years?. Am I the only one listening to them? It seems the sect have been more consistent with their message than the Federal and state governments involve in this conflict.

Your second question about going to a third friendly nation to have an ideological debate with the sect. For me, I will always maintain that since this is a problem of doctrine then it must be tackled through a coherent, profound counter doctrine. There has not been any concrete ideological intervention by the appropriate authorities only military intervention.

If the sect members say the Qur’an allows them to kill Christians and fellow muslim security agents, politicians, teachers, vaccinators and opposing clerics. I think it is wise for Muslims that disagree with them to understand their arguments clearly and bring a superior one to counter it, and I don’t think you can hold such a debate before the eyes of the JTF.

It can best be done with the assurances of a third friendly nation whom the sect can trust and the clerics of this nation may serve along side other international clerics as arbiters.
I think such an informal dialogue will not only make us understand the reasons of this conflict but what is feeding it and it will provide us with the best possible way to approach dialogue or amnesty. - NAIJA Pundit.

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