Friday, 26 April 2013

I Slept With His Wife, He Wants To Have Sex With Me As Compensation

I am in a very nasty fix and don’t know how to get out of it.

I work in one of the better established banks and in 2009, I met and dated this lady that was posted to our branch as a corper. We were an item for over nine months, but when she left for her Masters’ program abroad, the relationship sort of fizzled out.

Given that she had introduced me to a couple of her family members including her cousin, I walked up to say hello to this cousin of hers, when I bumped into her at a party at Victoria Island. To cut a long story short, I dated this lady for over a year. After a while she and I parted amicably as we both had incompatible visions.

However during the time I dated her, she too had introduced me to my first girl friend’s elder sister. When my first girl friend’s elder sister found out that I was no longer with her cousin, she got in touch with me and did not hide her intention of dating me.

After a while, she introduced me to the family as we both felt that the relationship was going somewhere. However, we eventually drifted apart when it became obvious to her that I was not quite ready to settle down. My current dilemma is that her mother being a bit of a looker and a society lady, felt attracted to me and we eventually hooked up. During one of our secret liaisons in their house, we were caught pants down by her husband who happens to be well connected.

He was calm about the whole thing; he handled the situation by politely asking me to leave his house and never to come back. I do not know how this man got hold of my number, but he called me to demand for a meeting which I was in no position to refuse.

When we met, he told me that since I had slépt with his two daughters, his niece and wife, that he feels left out. He is threatening to ensure I lose my job as well as make my life miserable in Lagos, if he does not get his share of my body.

I am not gay and feel quite repulsed about the whole idea. He has given me up to this week to perform, otherwise…..Help.

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