Monday, 15 April 2013

Disgraced Actor 'Solomon Akiyesi' Claims He Is Now a Popular Figure

One would have thought that the actor would be ashamed of the mess he created on Saturday when he attempted getting Married to another woman when he is already legally married.

But apparently he is not – as a matter of fact he sees it as an upliftment to his movie career.

After the shocking drama which happened on Saturday and saw his marriage attempt being cancelled, Solomon 'Supposedly' called a producer friend who bares the same first name with him and boasted about now being very popular all over the Internet and on the print media.
He also bragged that his artiste fee will be increased as he is now a household name.
He was also supposedly quoted as bragging that he "almost hammered if not for quick intervention" as concerns Uloma who is quite financially stable.

This is height of stupidity and foolishness. What kind of human being is this one nah?
Well, na the work of Poverty shaaaaa

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