Thursday, 11 April 2013

I Don't Want People To Know That I'm Married ––Nollywood Actress

The fear of home breaker actresses in Nollywood is the beginning of wisdom for actress Queen Nwokoye who is fighting hard to keep her new marriage from the prying eyes of her colleagues. When she got married Nollywood babes were not invited, in fact most of them were not even aware.

But what is chasing Queen Nwokoye? See her reason for hiding her marriage below...
“I am going to say this now, but I do not know if I would actually want you to publish it. It is that I am married!... This is a crazy job; my home is where I find peace and that is why I do not like exposing it to people. This is because it is a crazy world out there and that is where I get my peace. I go home and I am treated like a wife, like a woman and I feel like a normal human being. That is why I keep it away from my job, my film life.”
On actresses who let the world know about everything in their marriage and the rate of divorce in the movie industry, Queen said "I do not like those who expose their marriage. If your home is private to you, you shut it down [and] enjoy your quiet family life.

"That is what I do. Your home is where nobody is looking at you as a star, where you do some things and your husband says, ‘excuse me I am the man of the house.'"

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