Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Indian Man Shows Off His Swag In N34m GOLD Shirt! (Photo)

An Indian businessman, Datta Phuge has paid £162,000 for a shirt made out of gold. The monster weighs in at 3kg (7 lbs), and could hardly be called understated.

Best part - Whenever Phuge wears his £162,000 gold shirt, he has to be accompanied by a security guard!!

Phuge, nicknamed 'the gold man',  has a passion for gold. And he also wears chunky necklaces, rings and bracelets of his favourite metal along with the shirt - which must hamper his ability to do just-about anything.

Traditionally in India wearing gold is a sign of wealth, so each time his property and money-lending company makes a profit Phuge buys himself some more gold.
He says a gold mobile phone and shoes are next on his wish list.

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