Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Man Arrested For Having 7-Month Love Affair With A Horse (PICTURED)

A man was arrested after he was caught with his pants down in his neighbour’s barn.

A horse owner saw a man, who was later identified as 47-year-old Tony Hall-Rivas, running from her barn. He was in the process of pulling his pants up. The woman became suspicious and she called police.

The woman contacted authorities because there was evidence that the man abused her horse. It took several months for the authorities to catch the man as he always ran away before they arrived.

Surveillance camera was set up in the barn. The video captured images of the man hiding in the barn and sexually assaulting horses. The sickening love affair lasted about seven months before the perp was caught. The horse has long been castrated, according to the owner of the horse.

Police finally arrested the man after he left his DNA in a hat.
“I was upset when I heard someone defending people having sex with animals by saying that a man’s personal life is no ones business. ‘Some men like to be with women, some like be with men, while others like to be with animals, fighting for equal rights means equal for all,’ some say,” Jennifer Smith, 23, from Minneapolis, Minnesota told after hearing about the incident.

Hall-Rivas, admitted to police that he had an affair with the horse for about seven months. He also told police that the first time he tried to made love with the animal the horse kicked him, according to local press reports.

Hall-Rivas was booked on charges of burglary, trespassing and sexual abuse of an animal. His bond was set at $2,000.
Sadly, this is not the first man who broke into a barn to made love with a horse. A while ago, Rodell Vereen, 50, from South Carolina, was arrested for having sex with a horse. The elderly female owner caught him red handed and held him at gunpoint until police came to arrest him. 

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