Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Husband and Foluke Daramola Will Run When Am Ready ––Pastor Olubukola

The raging controversy trailing the recent revelation on busty actress, Foluke Daramola’s wedding by her close friend and female journalist, Bukola Fasuyi, would not abate anytime soon.

It is even getting messier. Different angles are playing out...
But the woman, Olubukola Salako, who was kicked out of her home to create room for Foluke to come in is now speaking. She said all the lies that some members of her husband's family were deceived by Foluke to fabricate against her will be defeated at the appropriate time.

Speaking to E24-7 Magazine, Olubukola said: “I don’t mind; but he who laughs last, laughs best. I’m sure that the works of my hands are clean and I know I serve a living God. When I’m okay before my creator, I do not need any man to give me ovation, the only ovation I need is from my heavenly father, which I know is closer to me than ever before. When the truth comes out at the end, whosoever that has taken sides wrongly will ask for forgiveness.”

On her husband’s claim that God deliberately broke their marriage, she said:
“Anything can happen to any man who is not in line with God especially with what Lady (Bukola) Fasuyi is saying now, so all those that knows him have a duty to pray for him. 
"I laugh my brother, if I’m to follow him up, Kay [Kayode] will run away from Lagos..." She concluded with a Yoruba proverb which says “You do not clean up for a child who is still defecating or you’d be wasting your time."

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