Monday, 15 April 2013


Her Name is VIOLET

(share, read, and learn a lesson also)

She started her day just like any other
person out there, little did she know
that it was her last day to live on this

She was a young beautiful lady who
mingled with everyone easily so social
and everyone loved her due to her
outgoing and outspoken personality, a
committed Christian who impacted
positively the lives of everyone that she
interacted with while alive. She was a
model and a university student.

According to the close family friends
who revealed the bizarre incident to
us, Violet commenced her day as usual
she always bade her mum goodbye
every morning it was a routine to her
as the bond between mum and
daughter was inseparable. She was the
only child in the family, and close
family friends loved her so much. The
close friend from south Africa informed
us that she started complaining of
threats in form of phone text messages
from her former ' powerful' boyfriend
since the man wanted her to make up
with him by force in their once enviable
relationship, but she never wanted to
give it a second chance.

On that fateful day after evening
classes, violet was living on her last
minutes on this earth and not for long
she was abducted and taken to an old
deserted house and at around 7.30pm
she was murdered and her once
beautiful body left lying in the pool of

According to the source the man later
confessed to have killed her the reason
being he loved her so much to let her
My dear friends it's so painful for her
mum putting in mind that she had no
other child.

From us we pray for her family,friends,
& relatives to comfort the family this
hard times.
Also caution to those who love so
much there is always a danger in
loving so much.
today you are alive you don't know the
next minute.
If you agree there is a danger in loving
so much

if U HAV A HEART and her story nd death touched u.. hit LIKE n write R.I.P.....
if u did'nt feel anythn ignore........R.I.P VIOLET.

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