Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"My Boss Will Sack Me If I Don't Have A Threesome With Her And Her Boyfriend"

My manager is threatening me with losing my job unless I agree to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend.

I am a 25-year-old fitness instructor, happily single. I like to enjoy any and every new experience that comes my way.
Recently a new female manager started. She’s 33 and very attractive, but she’s been making a lot of changes. Not all of them have gone down well but she has always been very friendly towards me.

A few weeks ago she asked me to hang out after work. We got talking about intimate stuff and she told me her boyfriend was moaning about their sex life being dull. He’d suggested she sleep with someone else while he watched in order to spice up their sex life – and she wanted to know if I was up for it.
I wasn’t sure but eventually I agreed to her suggestion. I went to their house and we had a few drinks first or I think I would have been too embarrassed.

The sex was amazing, like nothing I’ve ever had before, but I assumed it would be a one-off. Two weeks later she asked me to join her and her boyfriend for a threesome.
I made it very clear that was a step too far and I would feel uncomfortable. She got very angry – I get the impression she’s scared of losing her boyfriend – and said I’d better think again if I want to keep my job.
Jobs like mine are hard to find around where I live. What do I do?

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