Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Picture Of Ex-oyo Gov's Daughter Kemi Omololu-olunloyo In The Shower

Kemi Olunloyo, controversial daughter of former Oyo state Governor, Victor Olunloyo posted this pix on his facebook page this evening with this caption:

"#MadamGovernor #Lifestyle
What is #SEX in the shower like?
Everything's #wet, so do it. There is
only one position for that. 71!!
Popularly known as canine STYLE
the woman is the 7 while the man is 1.
Make sure u are eating chewing gum
for a faster and longer heavenly feeling!
Just got out of the shower
30 mins ago. This was a LIVE pic
at 4.30pm 4/15/13
No #Lanre here for KOO today".

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